Round Up 2018 Music Application

Please return this application by April 8th, 2018.

We are super excited for our 5th year and are thankful to you for being part of it.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
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Phone #
Available Days *
Dates: Wednesdays 4pm till after dark. We will have 1 band each Wednesday and rotate the bands in order to give a fresh mix each week. Please select all the dates below that work for you.
Responsibilities *
Band Responsibilities: Willingness to be here. The Sweet Spot Responsibilities: Organizing and booking, garbage, water, electricity, permit, advertising, parking, clean up, security, venue, portalet, community forward thinking. We collect a fee from the food vendors to pay the band at the end of day. Weather: Because we live in Vermont and things are constantly changing, we do our best to keep the event going. If we decide to cancel the event we will do so one hour before your arrival time so around 2pm. We pay close attention to the local radar and cancel if it’s thunder and lightning storm and or torrential down pours. If we decide it is a go, we ask that you please show up.